19. Stereo Master - This 100mm slider acts as the master volume to the transformer balanced mix outputs.  The VU meters will also display any adjustment to this Stereo Master control when the meter select switch is selected to the Mix L-R position.

20. Monitor Select - Four pushbutton switches select the source to the Monitor Master control.  The source for the monitor can be; (A) the LiLo stereo mix, (B) the stereo DAW return only, (C) the LiLo mix plus a DAW return, or (D) any 2 track return or any stereo line signal.

21. Monitor Master -  This controls the overall level to the stereo monitor outputs on the rear panel and operates "post" of the Mix outputs.  Typically, the monitor outputs would be connected to a stereo power amplifier for purposes of driving a personal monitoring system.

22. Mono Select - When depressed, this switch sums the left and right signal together, creating a mono composite for the monitor mix. The operation of the mono switch does not affect the main stereo mix.

23. DAW Return Level - This trim pot adjusts the level of an any external stereo source connected to the DAW returns on the rear panel.  This could be the stereo mix of a DAW or any other line level signal.

24. 2 Track Return Level - This controls the level of an any external stereo source connected to the 2T returns on the rear panel.  This could be a DAT recorder, CD player/recorder or any stereo audio signal. 

25. Solo Master Level Control - This control adjusts the overall stereo in-place solo listening level to the monitor outputs.  The adjustment of this control permits the volume of a soloed signal to match the level of the normal stereo mix. An associated LED illuminates when the solo switch on any input channel, group assigns, or aux return is depressed.

26-29. Group Section
There are two group master sections on the LiLo mixer.  Each section includes a group master level (26) that controls a balanced XLR output on the rear panel. The VU meters will display any adjustment to the Group Master Controls when the meter select switch is selected to the GRP 1-2 position. The group sections also includes a Pan Control (27), Mix assign (28) that in conjunction with the pan control assigns the group mix to the main left/right mix, and a In-place solo (29).

30.  Aux Masters - Four aux masters provide master level control to the balanced aux send outputs on the rear panel. 

31-35. Aux Return Section
There are two aux return sections incorporated into the LiLo. Each stereo aux return includes a stereo return level control (31), Pan control (32), Mix assign (33), Group assign (34), and in-place solo switch (35).

36. VU Meter Select -  This switch selects the source to the VU meters; either the main L/R mix outputs or group 1/2 outputs.  LED's indicate the status of the selected outputs.

37. VU Meters (not shown) - The LiLo incorporates two high quality VU meters that are calibrated to indicate 0VU for an output level of +4dBu.
The rear panel of the LiLo Mixer has over 100 balanced input and output connections.   

The master section has a full compliment of XLR and 1/4" TRS jacks for the
Main Program Output, Group Outputs, Monitor Output, Aux sends and Aux returns, the stereo DAW Return and 2 Track Return, and a external V.U. Meter Output.
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