Assign 28 Eight Buss Output Expander

What is the Assign 28?

The Assign 28 is an assign/subgroup module that’s designed as an output expander for the Model SSM Series mixers.

This unique product allows any synth or line signal that is available on the Model SSM to also be combined and discretely bussed in a recording console fashion, but with dedicated effects.

What Are Its Features ?

This three rack space module incorporates 28 stereo assign banks, 8 master outputs, 8 stereo effects returns, a complete monitoring section, and a stereo grand master feed.

With the Assign 28, any mono or stereo input channel from the SSM may be assigned to any of eight buss outputs.  Since each assign bank includes a pan pot, the eight busses may be used as individual outputs or as stereo groups.  The eight busses have an associated level control and may be muted with a master kill switch.

Eight stereo effects returns may be used in conjunction with, or in addition to the SSM’s existing effects returns.

The 8 x 2 monitor section of the Assign 28 provides an isolated, solo capable mix of he eight busses to the SSM for complete monitoring flexibility.

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