What is the Model EQ16 ?

    The Model EQ16 is sixteen independent channels of 3 band semi-parametric equalization in 3 rack spaces.


    We at Speck Electronics recognize the difficulty in building an audio system that truly reflects your sound – and never dictates it.  Creative freedom is one reason the world's top composers and session players have chosen Speck mixing equipment for over two decades. They depend on the difference that dedication to sound quality makes.

    You've Never Seen Anything Like It
    The EQ16 is unique.  Each of its sixteen three-band fully sweepable equalizers can be used at any point in the audio path.  Plug a synth into a few, effects into a few more, or dedicate all 16 channels to your mixer's inserts. It's perfect for any input-intensive requirement, where little or no EQ may be available and exceptional equalization is desired.

    That Vintage Sound -
    You'll hear none of the "state variable filtered" thinness and edge experienced with most of today's mixers and outboard EQ devices. When in operation, the Speck equalizer is said to remind veterans of the vintage equalizers, revered for their dynamic range and musical performance.


Sweep, Sweep, Sweep -
Each channel has Low, Mid and High Bands.  Each band is continuously sweepable from its lowest to its highest frequency: 50Hz to 500Hz for the low band, 500Hz to 5kHz for the mid band, and 5kHz to 15kHz for the high band. Each band may be "boost or cut" 15dB.


Frequency Response
  2 Hz to 210KHz (-3 dB)
Residual noise
Output Distortion (THD+n)
  .007%@21 dBu
Max. input/output level
  +24 / +28 dBu
Phase deviation
  7.6 degrees @ 20KHz
Square wave response (10Kz)
  1.6us rise time (10%-90%)
  HxWxD=5.25" x 19" x 7"
  (133mm x 483mm x 178mm)

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