[SSM-24 Synth & Sampler Mixer]

What is the Model 316 ?
The Model 316 is sixteen independent channels of 3 band semi-parametric equalization in 3 rack spaces... for only $735.00 (US).
What Are Its Features ?
Sixteen high quality equalizers in just 3 rack spaces.   Each channel has its own 1/4" input and output jacks.
Sweep, Sweep, Sweep !   Yes, Yes, Yes...all 3 bands of the Model 316 are fully sweepable.
Each channel has Low, Mid and High Bands.  Each band is continuously sweepable from its lowest to its highest frequency: 50Hz to 500Hz for the low band, 500Hz to 5kHz for the mid band, and 5kHz to 15kHz for the high band. Each band may be “boost or cut” 15dB.
Easy interface to compact mixers like the Mackie CR-1604, CR1604-VLZ, LM-3204, and Samson MPL 2242.
The Model 316 will accept a wide variety of signal levels.   From the wide range of levels from synths or samplers to the highest levels developed by professional recorders.
Most important, it's a Speck - your assurance that component choices were made with audio quality foremost in mind.

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