[SSM-24 Synth & Sampler Mixer]

What is the SSMEX Expander ?
This 16 channel expander is why we call our mixers expandable mixing systems. Available in two models, this expander adds 16 mono channels or 16 stereo channels to the Model SSM-24 mixer.
Available Models
The Model SSMEX-32 - was designed to add 16 stereo input channels to the SSM mixing system. All input channel functions are identical to the input channels available on the main SSM-24 mixer.
The Model SSMEX-16 - was designed to add 16 mono channels to the Model SSM.
What Are Its Features ?
16 complete stereo line inputs: Each input channel has a stereo slide fader level control, pan, 8 effects sends, mute, kill, mono, in-place solo, and a 3 band sweepable EQ section.  The rear of each input channel has stereo input jacks, and stereo direct output jacks.

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