Model SSM-18 Line Mixer

6 Stereo input channels - 6 mono input channels

$ 3260

Speck Electronics is excited to announce that we have fabricated a limited edition of four (4) Model SSM keyboard/line mixers.

Just recently we were surprised to find four sets of new SSM chassis in our inventory. This discovery gave us the initiative to look around for other materials used to manufacture the SSM. We found most of the PCB boards and components. Missing PC boards were special ordered using the original PCB fabrication files. So we pulled out the old assembly drawings for the SSM series and concluded that it was possible to build these mixers.

If you decide to purchase this SSM-18 you will be getting a virtually new factory built mixer. This mixer has all new chassis, new pc boards and components for the effect and master sections, and new external power supply. Most of the input channels are either new or have been completely rebuilt with new components. As an added benefit we modified the original unbalanced input channels with active-balanced inputs.

Images shown are of the actual unit.      

Mixer Features

The SSM-18 features 6 stereo and 6 mono input channels: The 6 stereo input channels have a stereo slide fader level control, stereo trim, stereo 3 band sweepable EQ section, 8 effects sends, mute, kill, and in-place solo. The 6 mono channels have the same features but with a mono signal path.

The rear of each input channel has balanced input jacks, and direct output jacks.

8 stereo effect returns: Each effect return has a stereo level control, pan, mute, and in-place solo switches.

Complete Master Section: With transformer balanced stereo program, stereo monitor, and stereo headphone outputs. Stereo Cue, Aux, and Click returns allow external sources to be mixed with the monitor and headphone outputs.

Price includes external power supply and rack mounting adapters.

Contact if you are interested.