In-Place Solo
Depressing this switch allows you to isolate any input channel to the monitor while maintaining stereo perspective.
Mix Assign
The Mix assign switch, in conjunction with the input channel Pan Control, allows an input channel to be mixed to the left/right main output.
Pan Control
This center detent pan control places the fader signal anywhere in the stereo left/right perspective.
Solo Master LED
This LED will illuminate green when the power is applied.
When any solo is depressed, this LED will change from green to red.
Monitor Master
This controls the overall level to the stereo monitor outputs on the rear panel and operates "post" of the Mix outputs.

Input Fader
The 100mm slider adjusts the output level for each channel.
The slide fader also controls the level to the stereo mix.

With a +4dBu signal present at the DB25 line input and the fader
set to the 0 mark, the DB25 line output will be +4dBu.

Stereo Master Fader
This 100mm slider acts as the master
volume to the active-balanced mix outputs. 

Power Supply Input
The DC power cable that comes from the power supply connects to this 10 pin connector. This connector and its respective plug is keyed so they will only fit in one direction
L/R Mix Outputs
These balanced 1/4" TRS connectors are the left and right outputs for the stereo mix bus. The signal present at these jacks is adjusted by the Stereo Master Fader on the top panel.
Mix Inserts
The Insert Jacks provide line level inter-stage access to the mix bus before (pre) the Stereo Master Fader. This means that any device interfaced to this jack will not be affected by any adjustments of the stereo Master Fader.
L/R Monitor Outputs
These balanced ¼" TRS jacks are available for hooking up a power amp or powered speakers. The signal present at these jacks is adjusted by the Monitor Master control on the top panel.
Fader Inputs/Outputs
Line inputs and outputs 1-10 are fully balanced and terminate on four (4) DB25 multi-pin connectors that comply with the Tascam wiring standard.

The via Fader has high headroom that will handle balanced signals up to +28dBu.

"via Fader" is an exclusive Trademark of Speck Electronics.