Xtramix Production History

There have been six versions of the Xtramix since it when into production over 15 years ago: The XTRAMIX, XTRAMIXcx, XTRAMIXcx (Rev2), XTRAMIXcxi, XTRAMIXcxi (Rev2) and the current version, the XTRAMIXcxi-V5.

The production history is as follows:

(03/1992 through 06/1995)
The earliest version XTRAMIX had all unbalanced inputs and outputs. The original Xtramix lacked a talkback section.

(06/1995 through 02/1997)
The XTRAMIXcx was all unbalanced except for the stereo mix outputs. This version had talkback and addition of stereo mix insert jacks.

XTRAMIXcx (Rev2)
(02/1997 through 10/1997)
Basically the same as the XTRAMIXcx except for minor circuit updates to master section.

(11/1997 through 11/1998)
This "cxi" version has balanced inputs, unbalanced 8 bus outputs, balanced stereo mix outs, balanced monitor output. All other inputs and outputs are unbalanced. The "cxi" has stereo aux sends on the input channels.

XTRAMIXcxi (Rev2)
(11/1998 through 04/2000)
Serial numbers 009425 through 009971
Same features as the XTRAMIXcxi but with the addition of balanced 8 bus outputs.

(04/2000 through present time)
The "V5" is all balanced input/outputs and can handle +28dBu input/output. The "V5" also has stereo aux sends on the input channels.