Xtramix Service Information
Xtramix Out-of-Warranty Repair
Two service/repair plans are available for the Xtramix:
A. Diagnostics option $360.00
B. Full Refurbishment option $1750.00
A. Diagnostics option
The diagnostics option applies only to the Xtramix Version 5. All other versions of the Xtramix (XTRAMIX, XTRAMIXcx, XTRAMIXcx-Rev2, XTRAMIXcxi, XTRAMIXcxi-Rev2) will only be received for "Full Factory Refurbishment".

If your Xtramix Version 5 has not had factory service within the last 5 years the only service/repair option will the Option B - Full Factory Refurbishment.

There will be a flat rate charge of $360 for diagnostics. This charge does not include any repairs. This price does not include return shipping.

The diagnostics option includes an incoming inspection and a complete test to verify operation the general condition of the mixer. After the diagnostics, the mixers' condition will be reported to the customer and any repairs that are needed. If approved by the customer, repair labor will be billed at $95 per hour, plus parts, and return shipping costs.

If required, Speck Electronics will supply a new shipping box at an additional charge of $45

B. Full Factory Refurbishment

The $1750 includes all parts and labor. This price includes diagnostics. This price does not include return shipping.

The refurbishment option includes an incoming inspection. The mixer is completely disassembled whereas, all knobs and control nuts are removed and all PC boards are removed from Xtramix chassis. All insert jacks and rear pushbutton switches on the (8) bus/monitor PC assemblies and (2) PC master boards are replaced. The chassis is cleaned. All other switches, potentiometers, jacks, and connectors on the (20) printed circuit boards are cleaned. Parts that do not pass our cleaning specification are replaced.

The power supply is opened, tested, and calibrated.

All (20) tested PC boards are replaced into the chassis the mixer is reassembled. A complete final test with an Audio Precision test set is performed.

Note: The refurbishment does not include extra parts and labor that resulted from misuse, extreme damage, or damage from shipping.

If required, Speck Electronics will supply a new shipping box at an additional charge of $45

Please note that a new service policy will go into effect beginning January 1, 2020.

Due to the availability of certain parts we may not be able to provide service for the original XTRAMIX with serial numbers 3628 through 6633. Contact the factory for more information.

Sending your Xtramix for service
When you are ready for either the diagnostics option or full refurbishment please call Speck Electronics at +760-723-4281 or email techsupport@speck.com. We will give you an Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and shipping instructions.

Due to the increasing problems we are having with shipping companies, we will require that the customer take multiple pictures of the Xtramix and power supply and email them to Speck Electronics before shipment. We will use these pictures to compare the products condition before shipment and after delivery.

Xtramix spare parts price list
PS-3 power supply    $380.00
D.C. power supply cable $48.00
Rack adapters (set) $75.00