[SSM-24 Synth & Sampler Mixer]

What is the Model SSM ?
The Model SSM is the most powerful, most complete rackmount keyboard mixer in the world.
This high performance mixing system is expandable to 120 inputs.
What Are Its Features ?
12 complete stereo line inputs: Each input channel has a stereo slide fader level control, pan, 8 effects sends, mute, kill, mono, in-place solo, and a 3 band sweepable EQ section.  The rear of each input channel has stereo input jacks, and stereo direct output jacks.
8 stereo effect returns: Each effect return has a stereo level control, pan, mute, and in-place solo switches.
Complete Master Section: With stereo program, stereo monitor, and stereo headphone outputs.  Stereo Cue, Aux, and Click returns allow external sources to be mixed with the monitor and headphone outputs.
Special Features: The Model SSM has specialized features for the professional such as a connection for a stereo expression pedal, talkback, transformer isolation on main inputs and outputs, program and montior kill switches, a tuner output feed, a high power headphone circuit, and a well shielded chassis designed to aerospace standards.
Expandable: Add to its forty input capacity the potential to expand to 120 inputs with three expanders and you have the basis of a compact mixer so comprehensive that its power can only be compared to that of large frame recording consoles.

The SSM-24 is faithful to the professional's desire for the highest quality synth and sampler audio control.  With its specialized input, output, and master section features, it is not a hybrid compromise.  It has been proclaimed by Keyboard Magazine, "...the best dedicated keyboard mixer we've ever fondled."
Nothing less than your reputation is on the line. Stay on the "leading edge" with Speck Electronics' SSM Series... world class, world proven.  A mixing system that reflects your sound, not dictates it.

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